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WONDERLAND: Glastonbury 2017

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Thursday, June 29, 2017
Hey guys!

It's been like a year, yet again, I am so sorry. But it has been pretty hectic with uni, and also, not a lot has been happening in my mediocre life. However, something very exciting happened last weekend, and it was probably one of the best weekends of my life... Not even exaggerating.

I finally managed to tick something off the bucket list... Glastonbury festival!!! If any of you guys are thinking of going, I urge you to do it because there is no other festival (that I have been to, at least) that is like it!

So to kind of prepare anyone I thought I'd split this post up into sections so you know exactly what to expect before the festival, during, and also after. I am no expert as this was only my first time going, however I have been to several festivals in the past, so I am hoping that experience will come in handy.


You are required to make an account, and then take a picture, kind of passport style, and upload it to the website. This is a simple process and does not take long to do. I think you can do this whenever, so even though the next Glasto festival won't be until 2019, you can probably sort this step out now! Once this step is done, it can be used for years after. You must do this, as your picture will be used on your ticket, with all your details. At the gates of the festival, when they check your tickets, the volunteers do look at your pictures, and also may ask you what your postcode is etc, to ensure that it is actually you going to the festival.


I cannot lie, this was probably one of the stressful things I have ever been through. My boyfriend and I had set up several devices: an iPad, 2 laptops and 2 phones - all to try and nab some tickets. We set the ticket purchase page up on every device around 20 mins before they even went on sale, just to make sure the internet was okay and the website worked on everything, which I recommend doing.

Another thing I highly recommend doing is team up with some mates/family members who also want to go to the festival, as you can purchase up to 6 tickets in one go, and this also increases your chances of getting your hands on a ticket. We teamed up with 2 other friends, who also had several devices set up. Make sure you give them your identification number/post code... All the information that the Glastonbury website tells you to have on hand, as this is the only way you yourself can have a ticket.

During the ticket purchasing process, as so many people are on the website, the system puts everyone into a queue, so you must keep refreshing the page, or wait until the webpage itself refreshes after 20 or so seconds. Now, even though Sam and I had 5 devices, only Sam managed to get through to putting details in to purchase the tickets - but even then it would not let him buy the tickets. This was after about half an hour - an hour, so be prepared to spend a long evening inside. We started to panic because of the fact we could not purchase the tickets, however, one of our friends did manage to get through successfully!! This is why teaming up with friends is pretty crucial to the success of if you get a ticket.

At this time, be prepared to pay a deposit of £50. This money will come straight out of the person who initially bought the ticket(s) account, so if you did team up, be sure to transfer the money to them. You will not have to pay the rest until around April time, which you can make in your own time, but you have around 3 weeks to pay the full amount I believe. And eventually your ticket will arrive at around 3 weeks before the actual festival.


Sam and I got a coach from our nearest coach station, this did not come in the ticket + coach travel package however, as those tickets sold out almost straight away. We travelled with National Express, and there were absolutely no delays, the customer service is fab, and it is just easy travel. The only problem I can think of is that both coaches to and from the festival were freezing, as the air con was on full blast. But that's it really... Just wrap up warm if you are travelling with them!

Alternatively, our friends travelled via the train, which stopped at Castle Cary, and then got a shuttle bus to and from the festival. This is a very popular option, and I know it was quite stressful, as they had a lot of luggage, and their connecting train was about to leave just as they got off their first train. On the way home from the festival, the queue for the shuttle bus to the train station was hugeeee! I think they said it was a 3 hour wait, so if you are planning to commute to the festival in this way, make sure to pack light, and on the Monday, pack up and start queuing verryyy early... Maybe aim to be at the gate for around 6-7am (crazy I know).

I do recommend getting a coach, because you do not even have to queue, and it is very much a stress free experience, which is ideal... Especially when coming home, and all you want to do is sleep!


Our coach arrived at the festival (Pedestrian gate A), at 5:10am (20 minutes earlier than we had planned!). You have to drag your stuff through, and basically just sit and wait for like 3 hours, before the gates open at 8am. Once the gates were open it was so plain sailing, there were no queues, we just breezed through the bag checks, had our tickets checked over and ripped, and then straight on to get the festival wrist band. You also are provided with a Glastonbury magazine and lanyard which contains a guide and timetable. To be honest, we did not even use the magazine or guide, as we had the app - which is so ideal. There is a timetable, which you can pick and choose what acts you want to see, and also a map in which you can put the location of where you are/any meeting points, and then share that with your mates so that you can find each-other... SO HANDY!

Anywho, once you get through that, you follow the path, have a map handy (e.g. a reason why the app is so ideal!), and find the campsite that you would like to go to. Thankfully, there are a lot of stewards/volunteers on site to steer you in the right direction. We camped on Hitchin Hill, which was good as it was so close to our gate. Also, it happened to be the hottest day of the year on the day that we arrived, so we wanted to be as close as possible, so that we did not die in the heat haha!

Arriving at the festival early meant that we could pick anywhere on the field to camp, so we camped slightly up the hill, but also near-ish to the path with sort of close proximity to the toilets - so it was easy to get to the tent, and not too far to walk to the loos when you are bursting to pee in the mornings! Also, we were not close enough to the toilets to smell the awful stench, which was ideal. I felt so sorry for the people who decided to camp near them, because on such a hot day with so many people in the campsite... Well, you can only imagine what the smell was like by the end of the day. Pretty grim eh?


I cannot tell you word for word what I did at the festival day by day, as the days all seem to have merged into one! But I can give some recommendations, and recall some really good/funny things that did happen to me.

On the first and second day (the Wednesday and Thursday), the big main acts have not actually started, so it is recommended that you just explore the whole festival on these days, as when the acts start, you are not gonna really have much chance... And also, the queues for certain areas *cough* the South-East corner *cough* are pretty big, and slightly terrifying!

We tried to do as much exploring as possible on the Wednesday, but as it was so hot, I genuinely thought I was gonna die haha! Like, it kind of became a joke throughout the rest of the festival, as we'd walk past many different places and be like 'Oh, there's the place that Chelsey died' ... There was a fair few of these spots, as I do not cope well in the blazing heat. If you do experience a sweltering hot day at Glastonbury festival, bring a hat, or buy one. In fact... bring an umbrella, as many people were using them for shade - such a clever idea! There is hardly any shade in the festival, and anything you do find is pretty pointless as it is still so hot, and it is way too hot to just sit in the tent. Obviously keep drinking plenty of water - there are water points at every toilet area you see, and there are also water aid mini huts where they re-fill your water for free dotted about, so keep your eyes peeled for those. Sun cream is also a must-have!!!

It's funny because all I was going to take to the festival were wellies, but then I checked the weather before we went and ended up only taking converses (I was going to take my wellies as well, but it turned out that they were broken). I did buy some wellies on the 3rd/4th day as it did drizzle a teeny bit, but I don't actually think I needed them. But yeah, who'd have thought... A whole festival with no wellies!? Crazy!! Just keep checking the weather forecast before you go, and if you do not take wellies and it does rain, don't panic!! There are loads of camping shops in the festival. I managed to pick up some wellies for £15! Not too shabby!

On the first and second day, also try to watch some smaller bands, because there are lot's of hidden gems! Possibly check the timetable though - we wanted to watch a local band in one of the smaller fields, but it was closed off because of the firework display which they have every year to mark the start of the festival. We were not allowed in because of possible stampedes... Hardly anyone came out, and we missed half of the bands set because of it... What a joke.

This is now where my memory of the different days and stuff gets a bit hazy, so the post may start to be a bit here, there and everywhere. We saw this really funny act called Lekiddo Lord of the Lobsters, who is a singer and is in the theatre and circus area on a small stage. I don't know if he is a joke act, or if he is being serious... The whole time we were there, I felt like I was watching a Britain's Got Talent audition, but needless to say, he put us all in a really good mood, and became a sort of inside joke for the whole festival between myself and my friends. He made us pretend to be lobsters, and kept calling us his beautiful little pinchy pinchy kiss kiss people (I think.. It was hard to make out haha!). But yeah, if you are up for a lol, I definitely recommend seeing him as he goes every year that Glastonbury is on.

I have to say that the best memories are not even really the music, it's at night when you are all really tipsy, all the main stage acts are over, and you are just wandering through the festival grounds. One night, we saw a random passed out guy in the middle of one of the fields where people were selling food/clothes etc, and my boyfriend and friend decided to lie down next to him... Next thing we know is that a whole gospel choir surrounds them in a circle, filming them, and singing Kumbaya to them. Was so surreal and so so funny - I cried with laughter.

Another funny and random moment was that we found a piano in the same field, and started playing on it, pretending that we were headliners and shizz. And the only other really random and funny moment I can think of is that we were walking back to our tents, and one of the food stalls we walked past was selling squid, and they were playing some absolute tunes. This random girl was stood on top of the squid place's table, asking if we would come and dance with her, and I went... my friends followed, and loads of other people joined... And then a crowd formed. It was so funny! And then I fell off of the table which was lols.

My top 3 acts were Major Laser, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheehan (of course... love that guy)! I did not manage to watch the whole of the Foo Fighters set as my friends all wanted to watch Fatboy Slim expecting him to play all of his tunes, but he didn't and was like any other DJ... just remixed loads of music with no lyrics. So if you are thinking that Fatboy Slim is going to be amazing, and theres another act that you really want to see that is on at the same time... DO NOT DO IT... Go and watch the other act, honestly, was the biggest waste of time!

Also, Arcadia... definitely watch the metamorphosis show from a distance if you are planning on watching it. It was actually pretty boring, and we tried to get right near the front... BIG mistake!!! We got bored quite fast, and it was an absolute nightmare to try and navigate the way out without losing each-other. I have never seen so many people. I felt like a sardine in a tin, like there was no way to move efficiently. You were pretty much stuck - it was a pretty awful experience. So yeah, I don't really recommend watching the Arcadia show.

With regards to any TBA acts, if you are curious and you have heard of some good rumours, make your way over to the stage as early as possible. A really good one this year was The Killers, and we really wanted to go, we got to the gate around an hour early, but they would not let us, or anyone else in because it was so so busy! We were so gutted, but that is now something to bare in mind for next time.

In terms of food, there is so so so much choice!! And all the food that they do have there, that I tried, is amazing!! We were camped near this place called Lulu's cafĂ© and they did the most amazing Mac and Cheese - I was hooked, and ended up eating that before I went to sleep every night... It was insane! Their sausage breakfast baps were also lovely. Other places for food were also so nice - so much variety. So if you are camping with a fussy eater, or you are one yourself, do not worry- there will be something there for you! Something to bare in mind though is that all food ranged from around £6-£10... I did spend an awful lot of money on food (worth it though... food = bae).

Drink wise - I did not actually spend much on drink as I bought enough alcohol with me to last the whole festival, so woo go me! Haha! That is actually a good thing to note - the reason why Glastonbury is so different and unique to other festivals in the UK is that you can take your alcohol absolutely anywhere with you! It is not an arena festival!! Like you just walk around and stumble upon a stage... At festivals like Reading and Boardmasters, you can only drink your own drink in the campsite, as all the stages are in one place, and you have to show security your wristband and they check your bags every time you go into the arena. So yeah, you do save money in that respect. At Glastonbury, I did have a smoothie and a milkshake, and they were both delicious!! They were around £3.50 for a small drink - expensive, but you are not having it everyday, and a small is filling enough.

There is a lot to do at this festival, so when there are no acts on that you are interested in, then you can take a trip to the Healing fields and have a nice massage, or go to other areas and take part in arts and crafts, or games... There is just so much to do, you cannot ever be bored!! You will hardly ever be in your tents, so invest in a bumbag for important bits, and a backpack for alcohol/any other beverage haha.

I think that's pretty much all I have to cover!! There are some photo's and videos on my Instagram which is @chelsey_jo, if you are interested in having a little gander! Sorry that this is such a long post, but I really wanted to capture everything to try and help you guys if you are thinking of buying a ticket in the future - which I totally urge you to do! If you do go, I hope you have a magical and wonderful time! And if you also went this year, or any years before, how did you find it?



First Impressions: Acrylic Nails

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

I have finally let my girly side loose, and have indulged in having my nails done. As you can already tell from the title of this post, I haven't just got MY nails done, I've gone all out and have had a lush set of acrylics done. So, as this is my first time experiencing the hype of acrylic nails, I thought it would only be right to share my opinions with you lovely lot!

First things first - Why did I finally get acrylics?
Not only have I been wanting them done for ages, but I'm going to a festival so thought it was a good time to get some cool and bright nails. I absolutely love them - if I wasn't going to a festival I would probably have nude nails with a more subtle design, and a little bit trimmed off of the length (which I have already planned for my next visit to the salon) - but for now I am in love with the colour, design and length... Just the overall look in general!

However, as this is my first time having super long nails, I have noticed some difficulties in handling things in general... The small things in life that you wouldn't normally even blink an eyelid at! For example, I went into town to go shopping immediately after having them done, and trying to zip and button up some shorts I was trying on was a bit of a laugh - I had to get my mate to do them up for me haha! Also, typing up this post is taking its time, yet I am quickly learning that practice makes perfect, and I will get used to doing these little tasks soon!

The positives definitely outweigh the minor negatives though, I mean, just look at them!! Not only do I feel super girly (which I love), but they are fab! Also, what girl doesn't love a pamper every now and again? I can't wait to rock these at the festival next weekend, and am super looking forward to my next trip to the salon :)

As always, thanks for reading. Have any of you guys had acrylics? What's your best and worst experiences with them? Let me know!


WONDERLAND: Bargain Bristol Trip

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Thursday, August 04, 2016

After hearing that return tickets to Bristol were only £5 (!?) - please bare in mind that this is really good as where I live is a considerable distance away - my boyfriend asked if I wanted to go and spend the night over there. Now, Bristol may seem a bit random, but the only thing I had ever seen of Bristol in person is the airport, and I was intrigued as to what the city had to offer. (Not that hearing there is a Victoria's Secret in the shopping centre tempted my decision at all...)

So off on the snazzy-looking coach we went, and after a 3 hour and a bit journey we had arrived to a gloomy looking Bristol - Cabot Circus to be precise! Which meant it was a bit of a trek to our hotel, ibis Bristol Centre, located on the waterfront. Y'know what though? I didn't even mind the trek to the hotel because the location was lovely! We were surrounded by restaurants, a futuristic-looking mirrored ball thing (I think its connected to the Aquarium, so I'm guessing you'll be able to go inside), the River Avon and loads of poke-stops - yes I am on the Pokemon Go bandwagon at 19 years of age... I dunno whether I should be proud or ashamed probably ashamed, but I'm not as bad as my boyfriend who was on it quite a lot:

 See, I even caught him in the act - he was only catching a Golbat as well?! Ridiculous! Nah I'm only kidding, I ended up being just as much of a nerd/loser.

Okay, well you're probably wondering about Bristol and how I saw it. Luckily for you guys I did take a few snaps, I didn't take any of Cabot Circus unfortunately, but I'm sure you'll see it on google or whatever!

 Those photos were all on our way to our hotel! The mirrored ball thing I was yapping on about earlier and water feature were literally right outside our hotel which I thought was pretty cool. The shopping centre itself however was a 20-25 minute walk, which might seem like a bit of a trek, but to be honest it isn't actually too far and it's nice to wonder around and see what Bristol has to offer - and yes, Victoria's Secret was amazing!

I have a few more pictures from our evening where we went to this AMAZINGGGGG food place called Za Za Bazaar. It's a buffet style restaurant which was like a 2 minute walk, if that, from where we were staying. You might be thinking 'buffet? Well that doesn't sound very appealing', but it is totally different to any other buffet-style restaurant that I have encountered. They have different stations: one for Indian cuisine, another for European (so pasta, pizza, fish 'n' chips etc etc), Tex-Mex (burgers, hot dogs, burrito's etc), Far East (Chinese take-away style food), Salad - but who really cares about salad at a buffet!?, and Desserts! Also, at some stations you can ask the chef to cook you something and they make it for you right before your eyes! I didn't take pictures of how cool it is inside, but I did take a picture of our food, but it doesn't do it justice AT ALL, cos we both just piled on the food, not bothered by the presentation.

Anywho these are the evening pics!

Yeah this pic reallyyyyy doesn't do it justice, but just trust me that this is the best buffet place ever! Also, great if you have kids - they have anything and everything. I have a younger sister, so I know how fussy they can be!

After our pigging out sesh, we felt like we had to go and walk it off (which didn't really work, as I probably put on 2 stone in one sitting haha!)

Once our night in the hotel was up, we rushed to Wetherspoons to add some more fuel, then quickly looked around Cabot Circus for any last minute bits, to then catch the coach back home in order to get back in time for MTV Crashes!! (Might do a blog post on it... don't know if I can remember to much of it though hehe).

Although not normally known to be a place to have a bit of a 'getaway', Bristol is actually quite a snazzy place - especially where we were staying. The food is amazing, so if you're a foodie like me, definitely go!! The shopping is pretty spot on as well, which has been made even better with their recent-ish edition of Victoria's Secret! Have any of you been to Bristol, or even live there? Is there anywhere I should check out if I go up again?

Hope you're all having a lovely summer!!

Cheerio xo

WONDERLAND: A glimpse of Jard-sur-mer, France

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Friday, July 22, 2016
Leaving the wet British weather and arriving at La Rochelle airport, which is basked in 30 degree heat is something not to complain about. My best friend and I were so excited about being in such hot weather after being stuck in the rain for several weeks.

The airport itself was pleasant, as it is a tiny little place - no getting lost or confused - you literally show your passport and once you turn the corner, the exit is right in front of you. This is not like Bristol, where I found myself feeling slightly overwhelmed by the zig-zag ques and different gates. 

The drive from the airport to Jard-sur-mer is quite a long one, taking around 1 hour and 10 minutes, which I suppose doesn't sound that long. However, the land is so flat and the only thing you can see are golden fields, with the odd shop dotted around for miles. This can actually be quite boring, and also in the 30 degree heat, it was enough to drive you mad. Yet, this was fine on the way in, as myself and my friend were too excited to be in a different country to care, however, on the way back it did drag.

Now, as for Jard-sur-mer itself, I cannot say too much about it unfortunately. We stayed on a campsite which was 15/20 mins away from the beach, and also the town which is located in the opposite direction. The only reason I can't say too much is because I got a severe heat-rash which covered my entire face, neck, chest, stomach, back and arms (so severe that  I am still trying to get rid of it now!!), and my friend felt feverish, so we spent most of our time locked up inside the caravan, pretty much glued to the fan!

However, on the first day, we were fine and were keen to explore a bit of the area! We began to walk towards the beach, and at 34 degrees with absolutely no shade to stay under, we could feel ourselves starting to suffer. The walk felt longer than 15 minutes, and after following the signs that were labelled 'plage' we managed to find the beach, which was a big relief! The beach looked lovely and the sea was so inviting. Yet, my friend felt so ill, so we took off to the cafe which overlooked the sea. It was a cute little cafe, and I was chuffed to bits when I heard Beyonce tunes being played over-and-over. The poor woman behind the bar couldn't fully understand English, so I didn't get some of my order, however she was so sweet that I didn't care. 

After our little break, we made our way back to the campsite, and that is where we stayed for the rest of our trip :( we even had to book an earlier flight as we were meant to arrive back in the UK on Saturday the 23rd! Can I just give a little shout-out to EasyJet for such a pleasant experience! The cancellation process for the flight on Saturday was so easy, and I got a refund without even asking for one, so I am chuffed with their customer service!

I'll place some photos below! Even though I didn't get to fully experience the area, I would urge anyone to go there for some summer sun! It's only an hour flight from Bristol Airport, and the weather is stifling hot - so any sun worshippers would love it out there! I found the bars relatively cheap, and the people there are lovely.

I am gutted that I had to leave early! Have any of you guys visited the area? Let me know how you found it!!


The Thin Stripe Body

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Wednesday, July 06, 2016
I love a little retail therapy, and recently - after a short period of different shopping trips - I have gathered some pieces for summer and nights out. However, I have been most impressed with this stripy bodysuit, that has thin strap and a floaty off-the-shoulder detail. It is so easy to wear, and can be worn both in the summer days and nights. For only £19, I believe this is a pretty darn good investment. You can find the bodysuit here.


For the day-time, I have paired the bodysuit with a button-up denim skirt from Topshop and a black suede tie-neck choker. I finished the look with some flats to add comfort whilst roaming around in the summer sun.

The blue denim version of this skirt is no longer available, however you can still buy the black one here for £29.
The black suede choker can be found in New Look (or online) for £5.99.


Wearing the same bodysuit and necklace as the day look, I wore a black skirt that looks a lot like a skort from the front which I borrowed from a friend, with my chunky black New Look heels.

You can find heels similar to mine here.

Do you have an item of clothing that can do both day and night looks? Let me know in the comment section below! Hope you are all having a lovely summer :)

First Impressions: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit

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Wednesday, June 08, 2016
So here's a funny story.
About a month ago, I ordered a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit, however I can't really remember ordering it. Noooooo I wasn't drunk, which would have been a pretty good excuse, but instead I was super duper tired, doing the rounds on Instagram and saw an insta post about a restock and thought 'yolo'.
To be fair, I am kind of glad I did, since these things are like gold dust. They are pretty much impossible to get hold of - especially living in the UK when it is around midnight that they are restocked.
I am a numpty though, as I only thought two matte lip kits were on sale due to the website layout on my iPhone, therefore my tired mind decided to order 'Exposed', Kylie's newest nude (it was either that, or 'Kourt K' which is a purple colour... Even though there was actually more of a choice *insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji*).
After about 3 weeks of waiting, my kind of unwanted/much anticipated order arrived. I must say, the packaging is spot on, you even get a note from Kylie Jenner herself not that it is a copy or anything...

See look how nice that box is!! Gosh, I am so sad - getting all excited about packaging...

As you can see, my photography skills are on pointtttt. That's what you get when you have a crappy camera with no manual focus! 

The applicator for the lipgloss is different to what I expected. I was expecting to have a brush, but instead have the good-old doe-foot applicator. This isn't a problem really, as I have heard that when the original lip kits were sold with the brush end, it was a bit of a disaster, with the brush end being in poor quality on arrival. I believe that the doe-foot makes it easier to control the application of the lipgloss, which is such a dream as the lipgloss is heavy duty, and once it is on... It is ON. Like, it is so tough to remove, so all hail the doe-foot applicator for easy application and control.

The lip liner reminds me a lot of MAC. It seems to be plastic-y, so I am unsure if you can sharpen it - I am yet to try that, and am very hesitant as I don't wanna ruin my £31 purchase. Hopefully it does though, because I want to get my full moneys worth!

The colour is much darker than what I thought it would be. On other skin colours, this may be a nude, however for me it was much too dark - more of a dark brown shade. It is taking some getting used to, as normally I wear either reds or lighter pink shades, but I do actually think I like it. I can't lie, it isn't something I grab for everyday, I can live without it, but if I don't feel like wearing much make-up, it does add a bit of a statement to whatever you are wearing. I do want to warn you guys that if you are pale skinned, with blonde hair and blue eyes like me, and you are looking for a nude shade, then this isn't the colour for you - however, if you are looking for a brown shade, then go for it! Also, those who have darker features, I would suggest buying this shade.
Okay, as for the formula - I was pleasantly surprised. It feels so weird when you first apply it, but it drys so fast - and once it is there, it doesn't budge all day. However, it does suffer when you are eating, although I guess it depends on the food - I had an curry (which was mmmmm taste), and the colour faded, and it felt crumbly on my lips. It is a little drying, but you get used to it after a while. 
All in all, I am impressed with the staying power of this matte lipgloss, however, the colour just is not my favourite. I am planning on purchasing a few more shades soon, such a Posie K, Koko K and Mary Jo K, so hopefully they will suit me better! 

Have any of you guys managed to get your hands on a lip kit yet? What do you think of it? 
For any of you that haven't had a chance to purchase one yet, I hope this review type of post helped ya!


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Thursday, May 26, 2016
You may or may not know this, but I recently got my hair done. I normally only go to the hair dressers just to get a couple of inches taken of the bottom... If at all - literally I am so bad at keeping my hair healthy because I just love growing it and growing it until I look like a mermaid, or even Rapunzel (who doesn't dream of being a Disney Princess right?).
Now, I did not actually go to get a couple inches off my hair, so the long mane remains... Instead, I got highlights. I know this is not dramatic for most of you reading this, however, I have never been to the hairdressers to dye my hair (apart from having pink dip-dyed hair for the summer), and the last time I had 'highlights' was when I got a DIY ballayage kit, yet my dad got carried away and decided to give me awful highlights. No, this time I decided to do it properly, and the reason I decided to get highlights this time was because my hair was so dull and dark - I missed having my blonde hair!
I was in the salon for 2 and a half hours, and after a wash, cut and blow-dry, I decided to style it so I had soft curls at the ends of my hair.

My hair unfortunately doesn't look as lush at it did then anymore, however that is probably because I am getting used to it! The salon I went to charged me £80 for highlights, cut, blow-dry and styling, which I don't think was too shabby at all, especially considering that the chair that you go in to have your hair washed was a massaging one... Ahhh, I wanna go and get my hair done again just for that experience!!

Have any of you had your hair done recently? Should I go even blonder, and not just have highlights? Hmmm... decisions!